Stress and the human body

Stress and the human body

Our Body

The body is the physical structure of living things. It works together with cells, tissues, organs and systems. They create a complex relational system, in which the body is completely paralyzed even without one of them.

The loss of one eye makes it difficult for our other systems to perceive events around us and to rely on the rest of the senses.

Our body is an amazing machine, a miracle of science. Its complexity and the way it is able to do so many things at once is called a wonder machine.

The battery never runs out, it can work by itself, it can handle various applications, provide fixes and much more.

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Your body can do so much that almost every one of us endangers our body. We challenge the rules that nature has made to take care of our bodies.

And when we feel like our body is slowing down, we reactivate it with caffeine, even overloading ourselves.

We are in touch with our bodies and we know what is capable and sad to say, this knowledge has oppressed our bodies for years.

Like yesterday because we know very well that the body digests, absorbs and excretes what we eat.

We drink and smoke because we know that our body’s immune system is working 24 hours a day. We take drugs forever because we know our body can take it.

However, you also know that overuse of what your body can do is also a bad thing. Your body is like any machine that collapses once it reaches its limit.

Excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet and stressful lifestyle are extremely harmful to our body. As we age, our body’s maximum capacity will only increase once and decrease over time.

As it deteriorates, our body becomes vulnerable to various diseases and ailments, we become weak over time and if we do not pay attention to our old body sound, it can live our lives.

We must remember that we must treat our bodies as we would any other thing. We should always love and care for her.


What is Stress It is said that stress is a condition that almost everyone can face every day. Stress is nothing new and we are not unfamiliar with taking stress.

There is stress in almost everything and everywhere, at work, at home, at school, and even emotionally. And we need to remember that stress will never do us any good, in short, stress never really comes to our advantage.

The type of stress response varies from person to person. Stress arises from different factors and varying degrees of accuracy. Your personality and your emotions determine how stress affects your body.

You may have higher pressure limits than some. These people are able to meet deadlines with confidence and continue to deliver positive results.

But the physical effects of stress on your body can be extremely detrimental to your emotional and physical health. While the effects are subtle, the long-term effects of stress are devastating.

Most worryingly, stress has a long-term effect on our body. It is fair to say that stress can shorten your life.

Increased risk of heart disease, anxiety disorders, stomach ulcers, tension headaches and increased risk of infection are some of the things that stress can do for you. Not a single effect of stress is beneficial to you.

In the short run stress can have positive effects such as the ability to react quickly to a situation and resolve it as soon as possible, it will not be good in the long run. However, almost every one of us is under stress every day, sometimes later.

Stress affects our health, body and mind so much that we see the effect from time to time.

Some of the symptoms of stress include: low mood, anxiety, impatience, bad character, change in temperature, high blood pressure, migraine etc.

However, there are times when stress is not so difficult and the range of the person is high, stressful situations can have really beneficial effects that soon end in complete rest.

Most of the time, insomnia and depression are not the normal effects of stress on us. It affects both your mental and physical condition.

It also affects our diet, which lowers our energy levels and therefore makes us unproductive.

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